Broadcasting with modern technology

Saverio’s was on the path to innovating every chance they had. To promote their weekly specials, they wanted a modern technology solution that would be as unique as the authentic pizza’s they craft each week. That’s when our tech team stepped in.

Alexa Skills

Saverio’s Weekly Specials Alexa Skill

Our engineers created an Alexa Skill that allowed customers to ask her for the weekly special and even give the customer the opportunity to place an order via QR code.

Alexa skills agency
SMS Marketing

Weekly Text Blasts

Amazon Echo was a fairly new device, and not everyone had one. In the effort to provide less friction, we made the specials available via Text Message.

The Result

  • The first month alone there were over 100 sign ups, this helps Saverios to gauge how much interest is in this initiative and how much their audience loves their product.
  • Each month we ran an SMS Signup campaign via Facebook Ads against their current page followers, with around 20-30 new signups each month.
  • The most engaged customers reply to the texts with the number of pies to make, decreasing the time needed for a sale.