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Advertise where your audience is Watching

  • Advanced targeting eliminates vanilla Nielsen audiences
  • Digital Call to Actions like QR Codes and Phone Interactions
  • Distribute on Hulu where people are actually watching content
  • Production costs are 1/100th of standard television

Why Advertise on hulu?

Audience Targeting

With advanced audience targeting once only available to tech giants like Facebook and Google, you can now target a specific audience with location, interest, and age range. This opens up the door to massive ROI as your ads will be seen by an audience that will be relevant.

Interactive Ads

When you watch a traditional TV commercial, you either have to dial a phone number or enter a code if there is even a call to action at all. With Hulu Ads, everything is digital, trackable, and actionable with QR codes that lead your customers to the exact place you need them to be, or an email directly to their inbox.