A Financial Podcast

In the midst of starting up a radio show, RJ Media shows Agemy Financial Strategies that you can simultaneously distribute content to more than 1 platform. In this case their exiting radio show would be distributed on popular podcasting platforms as well as YouTube.


  • Financial

YouTube Series

  • Video content was curated using mastered audio from the podcast
  • YouTube channel was fully branded and optimized for SEO and keyword search
  • Playlists were curated using the new videos made from the podcast audio
  • YouTube channel and playlists were embedded on the website for traffic generation and exposure

Financial Strategies Podcast

  • Audio mastered and intro created
  • Graphic design artists created the artwork for the podcast cover art
  • Distribute to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google
  • Marketing handled distribution marketing

The Result

  • Fully branded Podcast Series Launched
  • Fully branded YouTube Channel launched
  • Podcast Series distributed on Apple, Google, Spotify, and others.
  • YouTube Podcast videos uploaded to amplify distribution to video platforms
  • Audio and Video content library for use on social for evergreen content and marketing purposes
  • Over 10,000 plays through audio platforms alone

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