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Digital Marketing2021-10-30T10:57:51-04:00
Social Media Growth

Digital Marketing

The very fabric of Brand Awareness in today’s world

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What does Digital Marketing consist of?

You probably browse Social Media every day and have seen great content that’s both educating and entertaining.

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Have you ever scrolled through Facebook and found apparel or a product that was perfect for you? That’s because you were targeted with sophisticated targeting.

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Email Marketing has been the lifeblood of business marketing for decades. Having an email list is more important than having a phonebook.

Reach your customers like never before with 90% open rates. that’s 9 out of every 10 texts read.

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Why do businesses use Digital Marketing?

It’s not just for looks, Digital Marketing is a half a Trillion dollar industry

Revenue Growth

Digital channels are not only where people are actually paying attention to, but you can prove which channels are driving revenue.

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Audience Growth

The more followers and customers you have on your digital channels, the more likely you will have high conversion rates.

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Brand Awareness

People are using their mobile devices so much, that they have to be told NOT to use them. Your brand on their screen means more awareness.

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What is Digital Marketing?2021-10-13T13:31:07-04:00

Digital Marketing utilizes digital technologies to convey a story to your audience using Social Media, Content Creation, and other channels of Digital Communication.

What is SEO in Digital Marketing?2021-10-13T01:09:36-04:00

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the optimization of your webpage and Digital Presence to increase your rank on search engines like Google. The right SEO strategy will make sure Google gives your site the proper Domain Authority.

What is Digital Marketing Strategy?2021-10-14T20:42:56-04:00

Digital Marketing Strategy is the plan where your business goals are attained via Digital Channels such as Social Media and Web. A good Digital Marketing Strategy will have high conversion rates.

What is Lead Generation in Digital Marketing?2021-10-13T01:16:17-04:00

Lead Generation, or lead gen, is the process of attaining quality leads using Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing techniques. Lead Generation could lead to an increase in sales if performed correctly.

How Digital Marketing has helped other businesses

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The team at RJ Media just know the landscape so well, that anything I needed they were able to provide. One of the best investments I could have asked for in my business.

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