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Digital Marketing

Paid Advertising

Ads that are run on platforms where your audience is actually looking.

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The majority of business owners think that Posting is the same as Paid Marketing, but the difference is monumental for success.

Take a look for yourself, move the slider to the left to see what happens to your Post when you put real dollars behind it.

E-commerce agencyE-commerce Digital marketing services
E-commerce agencyE-commerce Digital marketing services
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Paid Marketing Drives Sales

Paid marketing

These numbers don’t lie. This is what you can expect when you run the right Ad with the right Audience.

What goes into a Paid Ad?

Before anything is done, you first need a goal. Like and comments are perfectly fine as your goal, but eventually you’d want to transition from Branding to Conversions. Common goals are

  • Event Bookings
  • Online Orders
  • General Inquiries

After your goal is well defined, the most important piece to the puzzle is your audience. Some examples of audiences are

  • Mother’s ages 35-55
  • Teenagers 13-18
  • Women Interested in “Soccer”
  • Employees in the “Healthcare” industry

A creative like this will catapult your goal. It’s like having a TV commercial, but without the high overhead, and yes, people will actually see your content.

What’s the point of running ads if you aren’t tracking their success? See what’s working, and what’s not working.

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The team at RJ Media just know the landscape so well, that anything I needed they were able to provide. One of the best investments I could have asked for in my business.

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