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What is an Alexa Skill?

Alexa Skills are apps that live on a device that’s inside the home of your customers. It allows you to create engaging experiences that draw in the attention of your existing, and future customers. Alexa can walk a consumer through your delicious menu, or help pick out a shirt in your e-commerce store. Whatever a salesman can do on the floor of your business through conversation, an Alexa Skill can do in the home of your consumer.

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Your customers all have one thing in common when they broke the internet, they are all looking for information. Whether that’s directions, or a menu, or maybe its specials that are going on. Whatever it is, can be ported over to Voice. That’s what we specialize in.

alexa skills agency Long Island
Alexa skills agency


We don’t just build boring Alexa Skills that customers will use for basic information, we build experiences that your customers and future customers 📲 interact with on a weekly basis. Retention is just as important as acquisition, as you want your customers to come back.


Not only are our Alexa Skills built for the home, but as technology advances through the Amazon Echo platform, we ensure your Alexa Skills are ready for “on the go” experiences. The Amazon Echo Frames are a perfect example of how consumers are using Alexa Skills on the go. Using their voice, and in the middle of shopping at a supermarket, one of your customers can find out the weekly special in your Pizzeria and decide instantly to pickup a pie on the way home. (Yes, this is a real, functioning skill that we’ve created)

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What type of Alexa Skills are there?

  • Informational: A simple Skill that gives you a footprint on the Amazon Alexa platform. Give potential customers or current customers something to reference when they need information that your brand can provide.

  • Educational: Something that helps to educate the end consumer, to help build trust with your brand.
  • Entertainment: Create an experience for the end consumer that’s unique to your brand. This could be videos, music, or upcoming events that are showcased.
  • Gaming: Gamification has led to consumer growth of brands 10 fold in the past few years, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Let’s create an awesome quiz to challenge your customers.
  • Food Menu: One of the best ways to showcase your amazing food, is to allow your customers to interact with your menu. Show them videos and images. Let them ask questions like “Do you have any Gluten Free options?”
  • Events: Give your customers the opportunity to find out about upcoming local events at your business. 

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Integrations that connect the fabrics of the internet

Alexa Skills we’ve Developed

Ranging from basic interactions, to full blow experiences that customers keep coming back to

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Saverio’s Pizza

Alexa Skills New York

Demo Skill

Alexa Skills Long Island

Content Ideas

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Wild About Cleaning



Give your brand a footprint in Voice


Great for just starting out


  • Up to 3 Intents

  • Basic Analytics

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Create a Powerful Alexa Skill


  • Up to 7 Intents
  • Advanced Analytics powered by Be Heard®

  • Announcements powered by Be Heard®

  • Up to 3 Integrations
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The team at RJ Media just know the landscape so well, that anything I needed they were able to provide. One of the best investments I could have asked for in my business.

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