The Challenge

Sal Valentinetti had just entered the Americas Got Talent auditions when his manager approached us and asked how the Sal The Voice brand could be brought to life using the various Digital services out there. As a local Long Island native, we would be honored to help Sal on his journey to fame.

  • Web Design
  • Video Production
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • App Design
  • Content Creation

  • Paid Advertising

The Process

First and foremost, the most important part of Sal’s journey was his time on America’s Got Talent. Sal hired us right after this moment that everyone on Long Island will never forget. After Heidi hit that golden buzzer, the real work was ready to begin for the Sal The Voice brand.

sal the voice Valentinetti

America’s Got Talent

Sal The Voice had made it to the Quarter Finals and our job was to make sure everyone on Long Island was voting. Our Social Media Management and Content Creation teams started working on campaigns that would help educate Sal’s target audience on the most effective way to vote. This brand awareness technique helped those who needed to find information quickly to be able to vote fast. Sal made it all the way to the Finals, finishing overall in 5th place. Little did Sal know that his life had changed forever.

Post AGT

Now that Sal Valentinetti had a solid foundation to his career, it was time to unleash the talent within. We worked closely with Sal’s Agent, as well as his Manager to ensure successful ticket sales of his shows across the nation. Using Paid Advertising, we were able to target the right audience, as well as capture new fans that have not yet heard of him if they weren’t a fan of Americas Got Talent.

Web Design

Even during his time on AGT, Sal had to make sure he had a channel for incoming requests across the nation. Our web designers began to make his dream of entertaining America a reality.

His website strategy was 2 fold. First, we created a fan site for his audience so that they would be able to purchase tickets, request him for private events, as well as purchase merchandise via his store.

Second, we created an Electronic Press Kit site, so that his agent would be able to send any event venue who requested it, a url to browse Sals catalog of music, videos, and biography.

The Sal the Voice EP Album

Sal was ready to release his first album. Our in house Photography, Content Creation, and Video Production teams ensured this was a success. We even shot a behind the scenes video to help promote the album and give Sals audience a glimpse of the process.

Album Photo Shoot

Since our teams were local, we knew exactly the right spots to make Sals dream cover come true. We picked a beautiful location right on Long Island and got to work.

Album Design

Our Graphics Design team was able to use those images to create Sals first album, which charted to number 1 in the Jazz section on Amazon almost immediately.

Video Production

As Sal started touring the country, we knew it was time to capture a real true video for his YouTube channel, and to showcase on his website and EPK. That’s when our Video Production team stepped in.

Sal the Voice Emojis App

We wanted to give Sal something to help spread his brand that was engaging to his audience. We worked with Sals manager on a concept, and since Apple just released keyboard stickers, we figured let’s jump on this brand new product release and hit the ground running. We created a Sal the Voice Emoji pack. Look closely at Big Time Tommy’s Instagram profile image, thats right, one of our Emojis were custom made for Tommy.


Not only did Sals following increase over time, but his brand was out there bigger than ever, growing on all of the channels available on Digital. One of the most important metrics that we followed was his EPK site. Cities like LA, Philadelphia, and Chicago were all visiting the site with big time venues requesting Sal The Voice to perform. Sal also had a branded YouTube channel to showcase all of his videos from past performances. The Sal The Voice Brand was fully established on digital, and he had a solid foundation for years to come.

Facebook Page Followers Over Time

Sal The Voice EPK site visits by City


Total Followers Gained


Increase in Page Followers over time


Impressions through Paid Advertising

“When I needed to get Sal The Voice’s name in front of big time venues, I knew I could turn to RJ Media to help make that happen.”

Melissa Dean Client
Robert Maffia

Managing Agent, Sal “The Voice” Valentinetti

Let’s Make Things Happen

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