The Challenge

The Refuge had an enormous email distribution list, but the issue was that open rates were lower than usual, and engagement on top of that wasn’t what was expected. The issue was that they needed engaging content rather than just information that their customers were already getting on their social channels. That’s where RJ Media stepped in.

  • Email Marketing
  • Content Creation

  • Web Design
  • Social Media Marketing

The Process

In order to fix the issue with engagement, first we needed to increase those open rates. The best way to do that is to give the audience something that makes them open the email. One of the most effective ways is with contests.

The Refuge is famous for their creative drink mixes and unique bar, so we tapped into their audiences palette and create a content to vote for their favorite drink. Who doesn’t like to brag about their favorite drink, right?

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Email Marketing Agencies Long Island


  • Open rates of emails increased by 10%
  • Click Thru Rates of emails increased by 12%
  • Instagram and Facebook engagement increased as some of the actions of the content involved engaging on Social Media

Let’s Make Things Happen

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