The Challenge

Saverios creates a new weekly special each week, but with the organic reach of Facebook and Instagram decreasing over time, they needed a new channel that would have high open rates. There was never a better time for SMS Marketing then now.

  • Paid Marketing
  • SMS Marketing

  • Content Creation

The Process

First, we needed to ensure that there was an easy way for customers to sign up. With short codes and keywords, all the customer needed to do was send “Saverios” to 77222 and they were in. Once we established a cadence with their audience, they would expect a new text every week on Tuesdays, so we would ensure everything was in place in order to send out messages each week.

Building the list

Not only did Saverios slap a sticker on all their pizza boxes, but we also ran paid Marketing ads via Facebook against their current followers, boosting their list even further. Now, this evergreen campaign stays running every month, and every month more customers are added to the SMS list.

SMS Marketing Long Island


  • The first month alone there were over 100 sign ups, this helps Saverios to gauge how much interest is in this initiative and how much their audience loves their product.
  • Each month we ran an SMS Signup campaign via Facebook Ads against their current page followers, with around 20-30 new signups each month.
  • The most engaged customers reply to the texts with the number of pies to make, decreasing the time needed for a sale.

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