The Challenge

Cinco De Mayo is K. Pacho’s busiest time of the year, but after Covid hit, they wanted to make sure they invested in the right marketing solution for the most meaningful conversions. That’s when we suggested a Digital Marketing solution that would go beyond just spreading brand awareness across Long Island.

  • Digital Marketing

  • SMS Marketing

The Process

K. Pacho always had an email marketing list, but with industry open rates averaging in the 10-12% range, they knew something had to change. That’s where we stepped in to offer different digital channels for their target audience. We knew that SMS Marketing had over 90% open rates, and that the larger the open rates, the more chances for a conversion.

Building the list

Using the WiFi in their restaurant, K. Pacho collected phone numbers that we would quickly integrate with our SMS Platform so that the customers can opt-in to receiving special offers and exclusive coupons on the VIP list. One of those perks was being the first to be able to preorder for the biggest day of the year.


Tracking Conversions

Once the SMS message was received, the customer was then directed to a special landing page where they can fill out a form and the journey can now be traced back to the SMS message, allowing K. Pacho to see how much revenue SMS Marketing was generating.


  • We created a custom landing page to assist with conversions.
  • During the campaign, AB testing was performed to see which copy had the highest conversion rate.
  • At the end of the campaign, K. Pacho saw a Preorder increase of 40% when customers converted via SMS Marketing.
  • K. Pacho was able to see the entire customer journey from dine in, to post visit, for a true LTV of a customer.

Let’s Make Things Happen

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