The Challenge

Agemy had a craving for distributing knowledge but had limited resources at their disposal to do so, relying heavily on live seminars. When Covid hit, their business changed forever, which is where RJ Media stepped in to provide Podcasting Services.

  • Podcasting

  • Content Creation

  • Web Design
  • Paid Marketing

The Process

Agemy had started a radio show, but with limited metrics and no real way to connect the digital world to radio thats measurable, we suggested using the audio files that had already existed and suggested starting a podcast.

Transforming Analog into Digital

The first step was to create a brand around the new initiative. Our team went to work on the artwork of the podcast, as well as develop a strategy around how we would use this brand image throughout the launch campaign.

podcast Long Island

Content Creation

Once we made an episode live, next steps was to make sure the public knew about it. The best way to accomplish this was to create micro content from the podcast itself.

Web Design

We embedded the podcast onto a page on their existing website. This would allow their current audience to be able to discover the podcast much easier, plus opens up the door for traffic generation onto the website as well.

Podcasting Long Island

Paid Marketing

In order to start gaining subscribers for the new Podcast, we had to make sure the right audience knew about it. Using Agemy’s custom audiences generated by Facebook Pixel, we simply retargeted similar users since they already had an interest in the brand.

Creating different ads targeting different audiences, we were able to see how well certain demographics were performing as well as gauge costs.

Paid Marketing Long Island
Paid Marketing Long Island


  • Launched a new podcast on over 10 platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify with over 50 episodes that are now indexible by the various podcast directories.
  • Built a rich content library of over 50 videos on YouTube consisting of podcast episodes converted into video form.
  • Created Micro Content for use on Social Media for organic posting as well as Paid Advertising.
  • Built up a subscriber count of over 100 the first 2 months
  • Over 5,000 plays over the course of the first quarter, most of which were new listeners.

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